Hey, everyone!!
So today I was outside, when I noticed a new plant growing by LaPetitte. When I went over to see what it was, I saw that it was actually a pumpkin plant!! Tis the season, right?? So I got to thinking… it’s fall, and there is a pumpkin plant basically in my back yard, so why not take a few pictures?? So I went back over there and took a few pictures, and this is probably the best one so far.

Since I was already taking pictures, I wanted to take a few more, so as I was looking around, I saw a sunflower plant as well. This is the best picture I got of that: 100_0514

I apologize for the blurriness, but it was quite a ways away, and I couldn’t get closer to it, so I just had to zoom in… I am actually really glad I got to see this, because to tell you the truth, I had seen pictures, but I had never seen an actual sunflower plant where the flowers grew as tall before!!

Hope you guys like the pictures, and I’ll try to fit in some other pictures as well!!

Have a great day!

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